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Helping your business grow with tailored ads management, modern websites, positive reviews and more!

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We are Dragon Eye Media. We see how to make your business grow more than ever before!

Managed Ads

Just spent ANOTHER $50 on Facebook ads with ZERO new sales? Stop wasting your money (and your precious time!). We’ll create and run your Facebook, Google and Instagram advertisements for you! And they convert like CRAZY.

Positive Reviews

Don’t have many Google, Facebook or Yelp reviews even though you have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands, of happily satisfied customers? With our fantabulous 3 point process!


Website [re]Creation

Do you have any idea how many customers you loose with your outdated, slow, mobile unresponsive or poorly designed website? We do. Have us build you a site that will keep all those potential clients from choosing your competitors just because the site loaded 2 seconds faster!

Website Maintenance


Do you own a WordPress website but don’t have enough skills, time or techies to take care of it? Not ready to upgrade to a new one? We’ll help with that too!



Getting more out of your ad spend

Do you struggle with running ads on Facebook, Google, or Instagram? Do you know you need to but don’t know how? Or worse, know you need to but waste lots of time and money failing at it? Worry no more! We’ll take care of it all for you. So all you have to do is sit back, be spectacular for the new clients and rake in the cash! Book your call now to see how we can help.

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Taking care of your reputation

Have you been in business for awhile but seem to get very little, or zero word of mouth traffic? Or worse, business has been declining because of a negative review? Do you know how valuable reviews are? Or worse, do you think they’re not needed? Book your call now, we’ll discover the impact reviews (or lack there of) are having on your business.

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Make your website even better

So you’re a saavy business owner. New entrepreneur. Or perhaps you’ve been in business for years and have inherited  a business from your parent (or plan to give it to your child!). Or maybe you’ve been thinking about starting one but feared the technicals so you’ve been procrastinating. Fear no more! We’ll design and build a website for you (Or upgrade an outdated or broken one!). And YOU will keep the hosting. Once we build it it’s all yours! Book your call now to learn how we can help you.

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Already have a modern website but don’t want to spend the time managing it? Did your child go off to college or join their own business and no longer have the time or energy to manage your website for you? No worries, we’ll do it! Book your call and we’ll discuss how we can help.

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We have helped a number of companies, just like yours. We are optimizing ads, redesigning websites and taking care of your reputation online.

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